Krisna MacDonald
Krisna MacDonald

Blu Dot: Digital

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Blu Dot: Digital

UX/UI Design / Art Direction

ResponsiveMockup_2.jpg previously existed as separate desktop and mobile platforms. Our challenge was to create a new responsive interface to establish a consistent e-commerce experience across all platforms. As design lead, I was responsible for shaping the visual design system through concepting, execution and prototyping, while working closely with e-commerce specialists and developers. 

View the live site here.

Design Lead

Krisna MacDonald

Graphic Designer

Nikki Norberg




Mapping the information architecture helped define the structure of the website and pinpoint redundancies and gaps in the user flow. Quick wireframing then helped establish a vision for user experience and allowed for early feedback from executive stakeholders.



The homepage features a modular interface of full-screen tiles that provides Blu Dot the flexibility to re-arrange and highlight content in a way that they weren't capable of before. 


Product Listing Pages

Through user-testing we discovered that users found our product listing pages crammed and difficult to navigate. Products are now broken up by furniture collections so it is easier to see where one style ends and another begins. The increase in white space also makes the pages more scannable and digestible. Reducing the number of products in each row and increasing the size of the thumbnails also allow for users to easily distinguish one furniture piece from another. 


Photo Style

Consistent photography was key for a uniform e-commerce experience. Products were shot at low angles to emphasize the form and to maintain a graphic appearance online.


Purchase Funnel

Pages within the purchase funnel are elegant while also utilitarian. Previous product detail pages were uninspiring and lacked Blu Dot's personality. The new experience shares the story behind some of the more iconic design pieces and leverages photography that are undeniably Blu Dot.


Throughout the design process, we made sure to maintain strong content parity so that all information is equally accessible regardless of what device a user may be using.


Brand Love

Engaging and content-rich pages articulate Blu Dot's value proposition and unique point of view in the furniture space. Included are Blu Dot's design process, history and list outlining what makes Blu Dot different from other furniture retailers.


visual Style

Blu Dot's slogan is "Modern, for the real world." Therefore, it was very important that the site be accessible to users who live in the real world. The visual language is high contrast for a modern look that also makes accessible to users with disabilities. We utilized a simple type scheme and minimal color palette to elevate and enhance the experience on a site that now feels distinctly Blu Dot.